Forever Bucket - Quickstart


Because I am not a good enough web programmer to make an online help wizard and you probably don’t want to read longer docs.

  1. Press “User Console”.  Login with Google OAuth.  All we see is your email address.
  2. Press “Dropbox” button to link Dropbox.  This creates “app/ForeverBucket” in your Dropbox and gives us access to only that.
  3. Create an archive, name it whatever you want.  We will create a directory in your app/ForeverBucket/<archive> directory for that archive.
  4. Stick files in that directory.  Wait for Dropbox to sync them.
  5. Press “Create Snapshot”.
  6. Refresh until you see it is done.  Click “View” button to check it out.
  7. If you are happy with it, click “Save”.  Otherwise, click “Discard” and change the files.
  8. Once you click “Save” we save it a bunch of places and it can’t be changed.  You can make additional snapshots with whatever changes you want, but that previous snapshot will always be there.